How to use the most powerful vibrator on your man

People often look confused and think that sex toys are something to use alone. Vibrators are a fantastic way to improve love life. You will outline some ideas in this blog about which vibrator you can use with your husband. Of course, vibrators are fantastic for solo fun, but sex toys that you can use together win more and more terrain. If you have a male partner who is a bit worried about buying a sex toy, tell him you’re ready for a “threesome” you him and your “rechargeable vibrator”, in all places for sex, wherever he wants!

  • Take off your panties or g-string and wrap a vibrator in your panties, and then you put the vibrator on his testicles, the shaft of his penis, maybe his nipples on your own nipples afterwards. He will feel the softness of your panties and the vibe.
  • For men who are familiar with a vibrator, rub the vibrator on his testicles while you satisfy him orally. Some men get ready much faster than normal when they feel a vibrator on their balls, this can be seen because signs of sexual arousal in men are very visible. The G-Vibe is the perfect toy to spoil the man.
  • For men who are very familiar with toys, rub a little lubricant on the perineum and rub in that area with a small vibe. Most men describe a prostate massage as one of the most intense orgasms they have ever felt, but not all men are ready, and no one wants to be surprised in that area. But, slight vibration under the balls on that little soft spot can be very intense for him.
  • Give him total control with the remote control or app operation. There are many vibrators that have a remote control or app operation. The waterproof vibrator with remote control and app operation that you can wear together during sex. Because the man can be there and also feels the vibrations caused by the 2 motors that are in it is the perfect sextoy to use together. Should you miss your husband because you live far away from each other or if he is on the road a lot, use the bullet vibrator?Wherever you are in the world, using Wi-Fi you can operate the toy and spoil your partner. This is also a perfect alternative for couples who cannot be together.
  • Tie it with the 50 shades of gray products, this gives an exciting stimulus. Make sure the man will relax and touch every inch of his body with your hands, tongue and body. But sometimes you slide the vibrator down to his more sensitive areas then you touch his penis with the vibrator. Experience a lot of pleasure when looking at his penis switch, sometimes hard, sometimes relaxed, loud and repeat. You can follow his feelings for those sensations that he really likes, and which sensations he really does not want, by looking at the reaction of his penis.
  • Last but not least, grab your favorite toy from your bedside table and give it to him. Let him warm you up a bit with your favorite toy. Sit on him so that he has the toy in one hand and he can use it while still feeling that he is part of the process. Although some men like to be in the ‘catchers’ position up close and personal with the toy and your clitoris. It is a great way to experience this and be very connected when you use a toy with your loved one.

For women, a small vibrator on their clitoris is almost a guaranteed orgasm. Men, like women, have a very sensitive spot, the prostate. In women this is called the G-spot; in men this is called the P-spot. For many ladies and gentlemen, it is a kind of no-go area, and that is a shame. Stimulation and massage of the prostate is not only an exciting, enjoyable, and erotic play but it is also very good for health. It is worth looking at it in a different way.

The prostate is only a few inches deep in the anus. The lady can easily stimulate this spot with her fingers. How, you can read that below. In addition, special prostate massagers and prostate vibrators have also been developed to stimulate and stimulate this sensitive area. But what is the best prostate massager? How to use a vibrator on a man? Experts are happy to help you.

Why important for health?

Sperm is produced in the prostate. By massaging the prostate, the prostate releases the stored sperm fluid and is, as it were, rinsed clean. This prevents accumulation of sperm in the prostate gland. Regular prostate massage prevents prostatitis (inflammation), prostate cancer, genital pain and pain when urinating. It provides better blood circulation, improves erectile function and increases the amount of seminal fluid.

Why exciting?

Another important reason for stimulating the prostate is of course the exciting sensation. By stimulating and massaging the prostate during sex, many men get a better erection and the orgasm is much more intense. It’s one of the ways you can diversify sex with your partner.

It is even possible to induce an orgasm with a prostate massage only with all the feelings that normally come with it. The feeling that builds up during a prostate massage can be even stronger than during a normal orgasm. In short enough good, exciting and healthy reasons are there to experiment with prostate stimulation.

Where is the prostate? And where should you massage?

The P-spot of the man is about 7 cm in the anus. The finger of the partner can be a good match. Doing a partner: make sure your nails are well cut and filed. Apply a good amount of lubricant to the finger, and in and around the anus. Carefully place your finger in the anus. Stop every now and then, until you feel the muscles relax and then continue quietly. Then make very slow “come-here” movements with your finger. Feel the prostate a kind of chestnut and gently stroke it with your finger. Important: calm, small and quiet movements. Do not do this: do not make any thrusting movements!

Moreover use an anal shower before starting and it is often recommended to use a latex glove. Not because it is “dirty” in the sense of disgust, but for hygiene reasons, because of the bacteria in the anus. After the prostate massage you can simply discard it. You can very easily with your finger to your entire prostate. Most men can only touch the bottom of their prostate, especially if they’re not an expert or those men who just started practicing butt sex. If you want to carry out a prostate massage yourself, you need a prostate massager.