This New Butt Plug Company Hopes to Be the Apple of Anal

Will butt plugs ever go fully mainstream? It’s about time.

Will butt plugs ever go fully mainstream?

The timing certainly seems right: over the past few years, anal’s been everywhere. In the spring of 2014, New York magazine ran a piece on “butt play“—not merely full-on fucking, but gentler activities like rimming and fingering as well. Less than a year later, Broad City got its peg on, and by the end of 2015 rimming was apparently so unavoidable that it made a Maxim list of bad sex trends.

Save for that lone strap-on, toys haven’t really entered the mainstream anal conversation. But one company is hoping to change that.

Founded by sex educator Alicia Sinclair, b-Vibe’s a new sex toy company offering an innovative take on anal pleasure—and betting that a combination of high quality toys and anal education will put them in the position to be the Apple of butt sex. If they’re able to ride the recent wave of anal excitement to make butt plugs as common as vibrators, they’ll be doing a great service to anyone considering to take it in the booty.

Butt plugs might just be the most underrated sex toy out there. Though they’re more commonly seen as a comedy gag than an essential erotic item, they’re a pretty important part of the butt player’s toolkit. Overwhelmed by the amount of warm up required prior to a nice anal sesh? Butt plugs allow you to set it and forget it, letting a little (or not so little) toy relax your sphincter while you occupy yourself with other matters. They’re also great for those who want the experiences of double penetration or the good old Lucky Pierre without the hassle of wrangling a third, or for anyone who loves the sensation of anal penetration but isn’t into full-on anal sex.

“Our bodies contain a rainbow of pleasure potential.”

But what will it take to win over the anal anxious? Innovative tech, for starters. B-Vibe’s first product, the rimming plug, is definitely a sign that they’re thinking differently. Using the rotating bead mechanism made famous by the Rabbit Pearl, the rimming plug mimics the sphincter stimulation that makes ass eating so enjoyable. (Hey, not everyone thinks it’s a bad sex trend.) Though it’s definitely not for beginners—the bead component, which is only available in one size, pretty much prevents that—it’s a unique take on anal stimulation that’s above and beyond what most toy companies are offering.

While there are a number of quality butt plugs on the market, many don’t seem to be designed with a solid understanding of anal anatomy. Charlie Glickman, the former education program manager for Good Vibrations who now serves as b-Vibe’s spokesperson, told me that during his 16 years at the celebrated sex toy store, he saw a number of anal toys that just didn’t make sense: Butt plugs with necks too short for the sphincter to properly grip, thus increasing the likelihood of the toy falling, or shooting, out of the butt; or toys with bumps and ridges more likely to cause pain than pleasure during a session of hard sex.

Even the good products that demonstrate a solid understanding of anal pleasure aren’t really known for their innovation. Some of the best butt toys are little more than a well-shaped piece of plastic, perhaps with an embedded bullet vibe for those that want to get fancy. (Aside from the b-Vibe rimming plug, Lelo’s Loki Wave is the most interesting item I’ve seen, and I can’t guarantee that it actually works as promised.)

That anal sex has become trendy while butt plugs remain something of a joke speaks volumes about our collective anal aptitude.

Of course, the best butt plug in the world won’t have a chance if no one’s actually using it. Which is why, in addition to improving the state of butt plugs, b-Vibe’s also hoping to educate the masses about their asses, allowing them to figure out if anal play is an activity they’d like to incorporate into their regular routine.

As they expand their product line to include more beginner-friendly toys, b-Vibe will also be offering some much needed anal education on their website. With Glickman’s two decades of experience as a sex educator, sexological bodyworker, and prostate expert, the company’s got a great deal of butt knowledge to impart.

Which is good, because honestly, most of us have a lot to learn about butt stuff. Proper anal prep is far too scandalous to be taught in schools, and since porn’s more focused on fantasy than reality, the hard and fast anal fucking we see onscreen often leaves out a few (or more than a few) important steps.

The very fact that anal sex’s become trendy while butt plugs remain something of a joke speaks volumes about our collective anal aptitude. If b-Vibe’s able to impart even a little bit of knowledge, they’ll be saving so many people from uncomfortable, painful, or even dangerous anal sex.

But whatever happens with b-Vibe, it seems likely that the total mainstreaming of anal pleasure is only a matter of time. Glickman compares our increasing comfort with butt sex to the process of butt sex itself: “A long slow build up, and then suddenly things open up.” (Which, by the by, all you anal newbies should consider an essential sex ed tip.)

The Elements of Good Butt Plug Design

We are awash with inferior butt plugs. Many manufacturers are oblivious to the basic elements of plug design.

I have recommendations for great plugs, but you want more than that: You want to know why they’re great. So here are guidelines to help you identify the gems amidst the mountains of junky plugs.

Tapered, Not Pointy
Butts don’t like blunt toys. Your hole is not a door you can open wide at will. You need to gradually coax yourself open.

You can do this with your fingers or thinner toys. But a taper provides an all-in-one solution. No need to switch between several instruments.

Most sex toy manufacturers have gotten this memo. Tapered plugs = good.

Problem is, they take the principle too far.

This is Tantus’ Ringo. Damn good toy: Awesome for slowly stretching yourself open.

But that tip.

It may not look too pointy. But it feels pointy.

Go ahead, stand up and walk around with Ringo: You won’t feel the tip. You won’t feel it lying down, either.

Just don’t sit.

Sit down and Ringo’s tip will stab your rectal wall, threatening to bust through. Gentle going in, but harsh once inside.

Tantus had a great idea with the taper. They simply took it too far.

Saw off Ringo’s top inch and you’d have a first-rate plug. Yes, it would be blunter. But all the top inch does is allow you to insert Ringo with your ass beginning at 100% closed.

That’s not necessary. If you have to use your fingers a little bit before you start on the plug, that’s okay. If you ask a toy to do everything, it will not do everything well.

Ringo’s 5.8” insertable length also plays a role here. If it were shorter, the tip may not jab you when you sit.

Tapered plugs are great. As long as they don’t taper to a point.

Tapered Drop-off
The top of a plug isn’t the only place it needs a taper. The drop-off from the bulb to the neck also needs a taper.

This is CalExotics’ Colt Big Boy. Like Ringo, it suffers from Pointy Tip Syndrome. But that’s the least of its problems.

That drop-off is a cliff. When you get past the bulb, your sphincters will snap onto the neck.

But this isn’t about inserting the plug.

Suppose the Colt Big Boy is biggest toy you’ve ever had and you’re using it to stretch yourself. After weeks of training, you finally, barely fit it in. It’s a thick plug, so that’s quite an accomplishment.

Now you have to remove it.

You’re asking your sphincters to suddenly dilate to a circumference they’ve only managed once before—this time with no assistance from a taper. When you finally manage to birth this bastard, you’re going to be in a lot of pain. For the rest of the day, you’d be wise not to sit down.

A steep drop-off is most formidable when the toy’s girth is at the upper end of what you can handle. But even if you have an advanced level butt and the Colt Big Boy’s girth is easy for you, the drop-off is still a problem: When you remove a plug, you’re likely done playing and no longer turned on. You want to let your ass relax. This is not the time to give it an unnecessarily difficult task. You may be able to handle it, but it’s going to be unpleasant.

When removing a plug—especially one that’s thicker than anything you’ve taken before—you want a taper between the neck and bulb. It doesn’t need to be as gradual as the tip’s taper, but it needs to be there. This makes removal much, much easier.

Giraffe Neck
You don’t have one sphincter: You have two. An external sphincter you can relax and clench at will. And an internal sphincter that’s nearly impossible to control consciously.

These muscles take up room. You can’t scrunch them into a tiny space. If both can’t fit on a plug’s neck, you won’t be able to keep that plug inside you for long.

What the hell is this, you ask? Pipedream claims it’s a plug, their Anal Fantasy Collection P-Spot Plug.

Its neck is unconscionably short. There’s no way you will retain the P-Spot Plug.

In my estimation, the ideal neck length is 1.25”-1.5”. But it should be at least 1”. Any shorter and your internal sphincter may sit partially on the bulb. This will prevent it from relaxing and encourage it to push the plug out.

A good plug errs on the side of having a giraffe neck rather than an owl neck.

Softer = Comfier
We’re moving beyond definite prescriptions, into the realm of preference. Firm plugs can be great. They can provide delicious pressure on your prostate, if you have one of those. And many people enjoy how they assert their presence, unyielding.

But if you want comfort, you want soft. Plush. Squishy.

A soft toy is so much gentler on your butt. It provides a cushion, giving your sphincters something to hug. It conforms to your body, rather than forcing your body to conform to it.

This is butt heaven. It’s optional for short-term wear, but for long-term wear, I believe it’s essential.

Note, however, that the only body-safe, non-porous material that can be soft is silicone. And, unfortunately, there aren’t loads of soft silicone plugs on the market.

The best ones, in my opinion, are Oxballs’ Ergo Plugs and SquarePeg’s Egg Plugs. They were designed by people who knew what they were doing, so they follow all the principles I’m laying out. Just be sure to choose their super soft versions if you want that squish.

T-bar Base > Round Base—Most of the Time
Plugs have two primary base designs: round and t-bar.

A round base chafes. When you walk around, it rubs uncomfortably against your cheeks. It can look pretty if there’s a jewel in the base, but your cheeks will pay for that prettiness. The longer you wear the plug, the more of a problem this will become.

A t-bar base fits your crack like a glove. It sits snugly between your cheeks. No chafing, no discomfort. Long-term wear? No problem.

This looks like a clear win for t-bar bases. Except…


If you have a vag, you may want a round base for some purposes.

Do you want to walk around and do other things while plugged? A t-bar base is still your best option, by far.

Do you want to fill both holes simultaneously? Unfortunately, a t-bar base may occlude your vag.

This depends on your body’s specific dimensions, what position you’re in, and the t-bar’s length, so it’s not always a problem for everyone. And you may find you can work around the base with your fingers or a toy. But if you want to have PIV while plugged, I doubt your partner will enjoy a t-bar base rubbing against their penis.

This isn’t a big deal, though: During sex or masturbation, the drawbacks of a round base don’t matter. You’re not walking, so chafing isn’t a concern. And your legs are probably spread, so you won’t feel the round base much at all. The only real downside is you need to buy one plug for sex and masturbation, and another for everything else.

Bulb-to-Neck Ratio
How much do you want to stretch your sphincters?

If you want an easy plugging session, you might prefer a thin neck. A thin neck lets your sphincters relax after their feat of taking the bulb. The thinner the neck, the more likely you are to forget you’re even plugged.

A thin neck also makes long-term wear easier. By minimizing the stress on your sphincters, you maximize the time before they insist you remove your plug.

If you want to feel full, you want a thick neck. A thick neck keeps your sphincters stretched, giving them little relief after their feat of taking the bulb. The thicker the neck, the more it will constantly remind you of its presence.

A thick neck is also great if you want to train yourself to take thicker toys. I believe the easiest way to prepare yourself for a bigger toy is to wear your current largest plug long-term. And if that plug has a low bulb-to-neck ratio, it will be much more effective. After all, your sphincters are the tightest part of your ass, so the more you stretch them, the sooner you’ll be able to size up.

A thin neck makes long-term wear easier, but a thick neck makes it more challenging and fun. You may not want to go to work wearing a thick-necked plug. But for hanging out at home, I find a thick neck so much more satisfying.

A thick neck also makes removal easier. Particularly after long-term wear, your sphincters can be exhausted. The lower your plug’s bulb-to-neck ratio, the less your sore sphincters have to stretch to push it out. This isn’t a big issue for thin-necked plugs, as long as they have decent tapers from their necks to their bulbs. It’s just something that makes thick-necked plugs a little more pleasant to use.

You may be concerned a plug with a thick neck can pop out. I understand this fear, but, in my experience, it doesn’t happen.

This is Vixen’s Tristan 2, the plug in my collection with the lowest bulb-to-neck ratio. That is one thick neck.

When I began using Tristan 2, the thick neck made me feel like it was in danger of falling out. But with some practice, the feeling went away. I’ve worn it for hours and hours at a time, even overnight, and it’s never popped out on its own. However, poop may push it out if you wait too long. So when I’m wearing it and I feel the urge to go to the bathroom, I do not hesitate. And damn, that neck feels amazing, whether I’m wearing it for a short or long time.

Tristan 2 is at the absolute lowest end of bulb-to-neck ratios. You can get a thick-necked plug without going this thick. SquarePeg’s Egg Plugs still have thick necks and I’ve never had the slightest feeling mine could pop out, even when I’ve had to go to the bathroom.

You can probably tell I prefer plugs with thick necks. But for easier long-term wear, thin necks have their place.

The Increments of Butt Plug Sets
When sizing up, I recommend an increment of up to 1” in circumference, or 0.25”-0.3” in diameter. This should give you a challenging, yet fun and doable stretch.

If you attempt an increment much bigger than this, either it won’t go in or you’ll hurt yourself. If you try a smaller increment, you may find it too easy and too similar to your previous toy.

Unfortunately, many butt plug sets have increments that are way too ambitious.

This is Hustler’s Anal Training Kit. They look like decent plugs, though the largest size is afflicted with Pointy Tip Syndrome.

But those diameters: 0.8”, 1.8”, and 2.3”.

These increments are insane. Their tapers would help a bit, but nowhere near enough.

These plugs should not be sold together. Someone who hasn’t learned about safe increments is liable to think they should be able to progress directly from 0.8” to 1.8”, and that’s dangerous.

But if you’re interested in a badly sized butt plug set, buying it isn’t necessarily a bad decision. You just need to get supplemental in-between-sized plugs. For this Hustler set, you’d need three sizes between the 0.8” and 1.8” and another between the 1.8” and 2.3”.

These principles apply most forcefully to basic, traditional butt plugs. Prostate plugs and textured plugs can sometimes get away with breaking a few of them.

Lets sum this up:

• The tip should be tapered, but not pointy.
• The drop-off from the bulb to the neck should also be tapered.
• The neck should be at least 1″ long to fit your sphincters, but preferably 1.25″-1.5″.
• Softer plugs are comfier, though some people prefer firm plugs, particularly for prostate stim.
• T-bar bases are superior to round bases, unless you have a vag and you want to fill both holes simultaneously.
• Thin necks are great for long-term wear, while thick necks are great for stretching and feeling full.
• Sets of plugs need to have sane 0.25”-0.3” diameter increments.
I hope these guidelines help you understand what attributes determine whether a plug is sublime or subpar. And here are my recommendations for plugs that (mostly) follow these principles.

Pros and Cons of Anal Sex and Safe Anal Sex Tips

There are plenty of different ways you can spice up your sex life. You can incorporate sex toys into it, BDSM, roleplay, etc. However, have you possibly considered trying anal sex?

There has always been a stigma attached to anal sex. Most people who have never tried it consider it to be taboo, when in fact, it’s perfectly normal. Moreover, it’s actually healthy.

In this article, we will explore the pros and cons of anal sex. Furthermore, I will provide some tips that will make you enjoy safe anal sex to the fullest!

The pros and cons of anal sex

When discussing the pros and cons of anal sex, it’s important to mention that there are far more pros than there are cons. However, in the interest of providing you with as much information as possible, I will make a list of both sides.

Let’s start with the pros.

The pros of anal sex

1: Anal sex increases intimacy between you and your partner

When engaging in anal sex, you need to have a healthy trusting relationship with your partner. Trust is crucial for anal sex to be safe and enjoyable. So once you’ve tried it out, you’ll feel closer than ever to your partner.

Admittedly, if it’s your first time, you will probably feel nervous. For that reason, your partner should help reassure you, and agree to take it slow.

2: Anal sex increases sexual diversity

If you and your partner feel like you’re stuck in a rut, anal sex is the way out. It’s different, exciting, stimulating, and what better way to spice things up! Anal sex is especially great for partners that have been together for several years. You’ll already have your trust requirements in place, so why not give it a try? It could be the secret ingredient you were waiting for!

3: Anal sex is extremely pleasurable for both partners

Since vaginal sex is so pleasurable, imagine how pleasing anal sex will be. Women have a substantial bundle of nerves around their anus. Just by touching that area you can see how sensitive it is.

Also, the G-spot can be reached, which means that you can have orgasms just as easily as when engaging in vaginal sex.

So, it’s not only pleasurable for men, it’s just as pleasurable for women. If not more so.

4: Anal sex introduces the health benefits of semen

Semen is extremely healthy. Unfortunately, when you’re having vaginal sex, there’s always the risk of pregnancy involved. If you’re not looking to become pregnant, then anal sex is the answer you’re looking for!

There’s no risk of pregnancy, so your partner can finish inside of you. That way you can enjoy these benefits of semen:

● Semen is a natural anti-depressant
● It reduces stress
● Improves the quality of sleep
● Boosts your energy levels
● Increases your libido

The cons of anal sex

As promised, here are the few cons involved in anal sex.

1: Anal sex increases the risk of infections.

● The human papilla virus, known as the HPV virus can lead to cancer of the anus.
● Escherichia coli is also present in the anus, so be careful.
● Sexually transmitted diseases are also a risk.

It’s important to mention that there are ways to have anal sex and avoid infections. All you have to do is remember to use a condom. Simple as that!

2: Anal sex may be painful the first time.

Now, if you do it right, it really doesn’t have to be painful. It’s just a matter of lubrication and telling your partner how it feels during the process.

If you want to make sure that your first time is painless, below are some tips on how to have safe, pleasurable anal sex.

Safe anal sex tips

If you’ve decided to try out anal sex, here are some tips that will help you enjoy it to the fullest.

Tip #1: Apply plenty of lube

There are so many different lubes available, so pick your favorite and apply plenty of it! In this case, more is more, so don’t be stingy!

Tip#2: Enjoy some foreplay

It’s important to warm yourself up before engaging in anal sex. You need to feel comfortable before getting into it. Make sure to tell your partner what you want, and relax. The key to great anal sex is to be as relaxed as possible.

Tip #3: Take it slow

This is extremely important. Don’t get carried away in the moment, remember to pace yourself. Also, tell your partner to do the same. No matter how ready you are, anal sex requires a slower pace than vaginal sex, so always bear that in mind.

Now all that’s left is to enjoy yourself!

The 5 Rules of Anal Play for Women

If you want to try anal sex but don’t know where to start, this is a perfect introduction for you. Trying anal sex for the first time might seem a bit intimidating, but with the proper information, you can set yourself up for pleasure and fun. Whether you are a woman who is interested in trying out anal sex or a partner who isn’t totally sure what to do, these five rules of anal play will help guide you.

Please note that although anal sex is for all genders and sexualities, this particular article is focused on those who identify as women and are in a heterosexual relationship. The language in this article will reflect that, but don’t hesitate to replace the pronouns to better reflect yourself and your partner(s).

1.Forget What You’ve Heard
Anal sex gets a bad reputation for a few different reasons. The main reason is that anal sex is often portrayed in porn as a power-dynamic with the woman being submissive to the man’s desires. Anal sex is never talked about in movies, even “coming of age” movies that are filled with new sexual experiences. When anal sex is discussed among women or in magazine articles, it is often done in a negative fashion. There is so much “It hurts,” “It’s gross,” “You’re a slut,” or “I only do it to please my man” dialogue. Unfortunately, anal sex isn’t something that women openly admit to trying, never mind openly admit to enjoying.

Well, you have to forget all of that. A one-sided representation of anal sex has made its way into society and stuck. There are so many benefits of anal sex – including the possibility of intense pleasure. It is also a great way to target your G-spot (in certain positions like doggy style). The power-dynamic is not necessarily a submissive one (although if you enjoy being submissive, this can work for you). The woman is often in control. And, while you might have been told that anal sex is anti-feminist, there is nothing more feminist than taking control of your own pleasure. Additionally, because anal play is deemed “naughty,” it can spice up your partnered session in ways that will it even hotter.

Basically, ignore the messages of shame and look for articles about women enjoying anal sex. It will most likely change your opinion about it.

2.Prepare for it – Mentally and Physically
There are a few things that you need to prepare for. First, you need to read enough about anal sex to feel comfortable trying it. You should read about relaxation techniques, lubricant usage, safer sex options, and different positions. Note that there will be a large emphasis on using a lot of lubricant and going slowly. If there isn’t, change your information source.

Second, you also need to physically prepare for someone to go in and around your butt hole. This can be a big point of self-consciousness for some women who have been told to hate their bodies and bodily functions their entire lives. There is absolutely nothing to be ashamed about, but do whatever makes you feel the most comfortable. You can do research about hygiene and you can decide if an enema is right for you (enemas are not a requirement). You can also tame your butt hair if you desire, but please note that there is nothing wrong with butt hair if you choose to keep it (it can actually be really hot).

Third, you need to mentally prepare for anal sex by trusting your partner and allowing him to be inside of your butt. Anal sex is all about trust. Sharing your newly found information with your partner is highly recommended (especially the necessity of lube and slow insertion).

3.Make Sure to Warm Up
You can’t typically jump straight into anal sex. Yes, porn performers make it look easy. No, you shouldn’t try the same at home.

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The main goal is to get turned on. You can masturbate or enjoy other forms of sex with your partner, but you need to become aroused to get your body and mind ready for anal play. If you aren’t turned on, it will be more difficult to enjoy the experience. Being sexually excited will ease the stress and let you both enjoy the whole experience a lot more. There is no need to rush – take your time and make sure you’re having fun.

Other forms of anal play can be incorporated too! This includes analingus (basically oral sex for your butt hole), which will allow you to get more comfortable with your partner being so close to your butt. You can also introduce butt plugs (with a flared base), which will allow you to get used to the sensation of something inserted into your butt. Playing with your butt in ways that aren’t “penis in anus” are excellent ways to overcome some fears and get more comfortable with the idea and the new sensations.

4.Don’t Forget It’s About Pleasure
While you’re focusing on anal sex, you might forget other parts of your body. Anal sex doesn’t mean forget about everything else. Depending on your position, your partner can help stimulate other pleasure zones or you can do it yourself. You can always use your hands or a toy to stimulate your clitoris or G-spot. Your partner can tease your nipples or kiss your neck too! You don’t need to have double-penetration, but you also don’t need to focus solely on the sensations in your anus. Enjoy the moment, which might include other forms of pleasure.

You can also change positions if one isn’t working for you. Often, we think of doggy style for anal sex, but there are plenty of other great ones that are possible. Some are even considered better for beginners, including when the woman “sits down” onto the man’s penis. This means that the woman is completely in control of speed, depth, and the angle. If you’re going to enjoy it more if you’re in control, then go for it!

5.Communication – Before, During and After
Communication is essential throughout the entire process. Before you begin, talk about how to prepare for anal sex as well as how the act makes you feel. During, discuss the sensations and your comfort, including if your partner should go faster or slower or reapply lubricant. After, talk about what you liked or didn’t like and how to improve for next time (if you’re both willing to try it again).

Communication about pleasure can be complicated for women. Our pleasure is often dismissed or we are made to feel embarrassed about verbalizing our desires. However, preparation and communication are essential for anal sex to be successful. Talking about it will benefit everyone involved. You will enjoy it more and your partner will love that you are enjoying it. It’s a win for both of you! And who knows, maybe if you talk about it, he’ll consider pegging!

Anal sex can be a lot of fun and a great addition to your sex sessions, whether it is thrown into the mix every time or only done occasionally. You might not love it your first time, but many people find that they experience intense pleasure from anal sex once they get used to it. If you prepare both mentally and physically, then you will set yourself up for success. This guide is just a starting point for women or their partners who are interesting in trying out anal play. Take this information, build on it with your own research, and then let us know how it goes!

How to use the most powerful vibrator on your man

People often look confused and think that sex toys are something to use alone. Vibrators are a fantastic way to improve love life. You will outline some ideas in this blog about which vibrator you can use with your husband. Of course, vibrators are fantastic for solo fun, but sex toys that you can use together win more and more terrain. If you have a male partner who is a bit worried about buying a sex toy, tell him you’re ready for a “threesome” you him and your “rechargeable vibrator”, in all places for sex, wherever he wants!

  • Take off your panties or g-string and wrap a vibrator in your panties, and then you put the vibrator on his testicles, the shaft of his penis, maybe his nipples on your own nipples afterwards. He will feel the softness of your panties and the vibe.
  • For men who are familiar with a vibrator, rub the vibrator on his testicles while you satisfy him orally. Some men get ready much faster than normal when they feel a vibrator on their balls, this can be seen because signs of sexual arousal in men are very visible. The G-Vibe is the perfect toy to spoil the man.
  • For men who are very familiar with toys, rub a little lubricant on the perineum and rub in that area with a small vibe. Most men describe a prostate massage as one of the most intense orgasms they have ever felt, but not all men are ready, and no one wants to be surprised in that area. But, slight vibration under the balls on that little soft spot can be very intense for him.
  • Give him total control with the remote control or app operation. There are many vibrators that have a remote control or app operation. The waterproof vibrator with remote control and app operation that you can wear together during sex. Because the man can be there and also feels the vibrations caused by the 2 motors that are in it is the perfect sextoy to use together. Should you miss your husband because you live far away from each other or if he is on the road a lot, use the bullet vibrator?Wherever you are in the world, using Wi-Fi you can operate the toy and spoil your partner. This is also a perfect alternative for couples who cannot be together.
  • Tie it with the 50 shades of gray products, this gives an exciting stimulus. Make sure the man will relax and touch every inch of his body with your hands, tongue and body. But sometimes you slide the vibrator down to his more sensitive areas then you touch his penis with the vibrator. Experience a lot of pleasure when looking at his penis switch, sometimes hard, sometimes relaxed, loud and repeat. You can follow his feelings for those sensations that he really likes, and which sensations he really does not want, by looking at the reaction of his penis.
  • Last but not least, grab your favorite toy from your bedside table and give it to him. Let him warm you up a bit with your favorite toy. Sit on him so that he has the toy in one hand and he can use it while still feeling that he is part of the process. Although some men like to be in the ‘catchers’ position up close and personal with the toy and your clitoris. It is a great way to experience this and be very connected when you use a toy with your loved one.

For women, a small vibrator on their clitoris is almost a guaranteed orgasm. Men, like women, have a very sensitive spot, the prostate. In women this is called the G-spot; in men this is called the P-spot. For many ladies and gentlemen, it is a kind of no-go area, and that is a shame. Stimulation and massage of the prostate is not only an exciting, enjoyable, and erotic play but it is also very good for health. It is worth looking at it in a different way.

The prostate is only a few inches deep in the anus. The lady can easily stimulate this spot with her fingers. How, you can read that below. In addition, special prostate massagers and prostate vibrators have also been developed to stimulate and stimulate this sensitive area. But what is the best prostate massager? How to use a vibrator on a man? Experts are happy to help you.

Why important for health?

Sperm is produced in the prostate. By massaging the prostate, the prostate releases the stored sperm fluid and is, as it were, rinsed clean. This prevents accumulation of sperm in the prostate gland. Regular prostate massage prevents prostatitis (inflammation), prostate cancer, genital pain and pain when urinating. It provides better blood circulation, improves erectile function and increases the amount of seminal fluid.

Why exciting?

Another important reason for stimulating the prostate is of course the exciting sensation. By stimulating and massaging the prostate during sex, many men get a better erection and the orgasm is much more intense. It’s one of the ways you can diversify sex with your partner.

It is even possible to induce an orgasm with a prostate massage only with all the feelings that normally come with it. The feeling that builds up during a prostate massage can be even stronger than during a normal orgasm. In short enough good, exciting and healthy reasons are there to experiment with prostate stimulation.

Where is the prostate? And where should you massage?

The P-spot of the man is about 7 cm in the anus. The finger of the partner can be a good match. Doing a partner: make sure your nails are well cut and filed. Apply a good amount of lubricant to the finger, and in and around the anus. Carefully place your finger in the anus. Stop every now and then, until you feel the muscles relax and then continue quietly. Then make very slow “come-here” movements with your finger. Feel the prostate a kind of chestnut and gently stroke it with your finger. Important: calm, small and quiet movements. Do not do this: do not make any thrusting movements!

Moreover use an anal shower before starting and it is often recommended to use a latex glove. Not because it is “dirty” in the sense of disgust, but for hygiene reasons, because of the bacteria in the anus. After the prostate massage you can simply discard it. You can very easily with your finger to your entire prostate. Most men can only touch the bottom of their prostate, especially if they’re not an expert or those men who just started practicing butt sex. If you want to carry out a prostate massage yourself, you need a prostate massager.